2009 and 2010 Participant Comments

Our inaugural Celebration of Student writing elicited many encouraging and thoughtful comments from visitors, fellow students, and faculty. A selection of the audience comments are as follows:

  • Wow!!! Rhetorically and visually exciting!
  • What a great idea! I’m inspired to use a restaurant-themed sequence now!
  • It is so bright and striking there – these [are] great 6 word memoirs.
  • I believe in brevity and the way the project came together. I also like the different personalities that are in this project along with the picture and the 6 word memoir. It is easy to spectate the celebration of student writing. Go English 101.053

After our 2009 and 2010 events, we sent out student-participant surveys.  To the question “Was the CSW successful/unsuccessful?” the majority of students responded with answers like these:

CSW showed students writing, and showed them in an interesting way.

Everybody enjoyed working on the project. I saw that the other classes had fun creating theirs as well.

I beleive it was successful because alot of our audience were intrigued by our work and asked alot of different questions. Our class course project was unique and alowed the audience to be interactive with ous while we explained and displayed our answers.

I belive CSW was successful because there were many classes there showing their class projects and it was interesting to see so many students participated.

We got to see the works of other freshman classes. We were united in a sense.

You could see everyone enthusiastic about their specific project and other projects as well.

Helped myself and others see how we all feel about writing. We all have trouble writing in someway and displaying our projects helped other realize that.

CSW was a fun way to learn how different people view writing. Every class presented something different, from a video to a dance. It was very beneficial to students because of the varitey that was there. It helped relate writing to every different type of person and that made it a good learning experience.

CSW gave me a better understanding of the reason for the assigments that i am given in english 101 and how they will help me.

It allowed students to express their opinions on writing in a creative way and I felt that was good. It was more of the groups ideas that the individual but i still thought it worked.

To the question asking students to critique the CSW, comments were along these lines:

For future CSW events I would advertise more to the student body.  The location is good, and should stay.

I think advertizing and informing the student body the purpose and objective of this event is crucial.  Why is it important to show viewers rhetoric in different medians.

It was interesting. I encourage you’ll to do it again! It was fun.

I wouldn’t change anything at all=]

I think that people need to spend more time in doing their projects. It looked like a lot of the projects were done sloppy and at the last minute.

Hard work pays off and it clearly showed in some of the projects. I think that CSW was very fun, and I don’t believe that anything needs to be changed in the future.

No, I wouldn’t change anything about it, besides trying to get more people to come and see our projects.

i didn’t know what the point of CSW was until I got there.  If we know what we’re getting into before the actual event that would be very helpful.

The Celebration of Student Writing was fine. The only thing I would of changed is how our teacher went about doing it. To me what we were doing as a class wasn’t very clear and we were rushed for time to work on it. I’m not sure how it was graded for us and it was just a confusing process. The actual set up and show was nice to see though and ran smoothly.

No one could really explain what there table had to do with writing. One or two table had an idea but needed more guidence.

the event was actually ran more smooth than I expected. In order to be more fun, the students should not only show people their project, but get others involved, which is essential to creating a fun game ( but I do not know that game). I think the event was already reached it’s purpose because the students involed had presented different great ideas about writing, which make sense to me.

I had a lot of fun getting to know fellow freshmen and seeing what their classes did



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