About Us

In early 2009, English PhD student Genesea Carter first learned of the Celebration of Student Writing from composition and rhetoric professor Linda Adler-Kassner who had been holding the Celebration of Student Writing at her university, Eastern Michigan University, each semester in lieu of English 102 final projects.

Being inspired by the concept, Genesea decided that UNM needed its own Celebration of Student Writing. In the fall of 2009, she enlisted the help of fellow English graduate teaching assistants and Writing Across Communities (WAC) Alliance members to present the pilot Celebration of Student Writing with over 600 English 101 students participating.

In 2010 the CSW was opened to English 101 and 102 courses—with over 750 students participating!

The 2011 CSW was a great success, showcasing the work of 814 students and filling all three ballrooms.

The 2012 CSW promises to be an exciting event, with participants across disciplines (from the Freshman Learning Communities), levels (English 219 and 220 courses are encouraged to participate), and campuses (CNM and UNM branch campuses). Please contact Anna Knutson at avknutson@gmail.com if you would like to participate.

The Celebration of Student Writing is funded solely by generous donations from UNM entities, particularly CAPS and the Dean of Students. The organizers and facilitators of the Celebration of Student Writing are graduate students.


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