2012 Details

Immediately preceding the NCTE’s National Day on Writing on October 20th, this year’s Celebration of Student Writing (CSW) promises to serve as an invigorating public forum where first-year students across the disciplines can showcase their writing and research with students, instructors, and administrators from the UNM community. The Celebration of Student Writing will also be a featured event during Freshmen Week. At the 2012 Celebration, there will be designated areas for formal research presentations, interactive art installations, and film and performance.

Class participation in the CSW is first-come, first-served. We encourage non-English courses to participate, making this event truly writing across the communities and curriculum.

The Celebration of Student Writing details:

  • When: Friday, October 19th, 2012
  • Where: SUB Ballrooms A-C
  • Time: Set-up 9:30-10:30; Open to public 11-2; Tear down 2-3.

If you would like to add your class to the CSW 2012 participant list, please send your name, class section, and installation “type” (formal presentation, interactive art installation, or film/performance) to Anna Knutson at avknutson@gmail.com


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